Privacy Policy

The fact that you trust us here at  treadmill consumers dot com with your privacy means a lot, this is our privacy policy.

This is why we want you to know that your date and other bits of information is safe with us.

The Privacy Policy that you are reading will show you what we do with information, how we use it, and why we collect it.

Memberships, Customers And General Information:

Account information that you provide to us is always held close to us and will never be sold, rented, or given, rented, or sold to 3rd parties.

However, we will use it so that we can provide the services we offer to you from this site. You are not required to register or provide us any personal information in order to use this site, however, it will help us to provide you with an improved browsing experience and may be used to provide you with targeted advertising.

If you are a parent, teacher or special needs professional and would like us to contact you with marketing, social media, advertising or promotions, please contact us directely. We’re here to help you find what you want, and this site is used solely for helping you achieve that goal.

The information that we hold close is a credit card or payment information, phone numbers, street and email addresses, and passwords.

Email And Your Privacy Here:

Our Sole Treadmill Email Newsletter & Our Email Alert Subscription Forms

Our site, treadmill consumers dot com,  uses forms that we send to people to get the information we need.

By subscribing to emails or newsletters, we use your information to alert you about interest categories we think you will enjoy. We collect information like your email address and name, among other things, to provide you the requested information.

We will, as mentioned above, never rent or sell email addresses to anybody.

Confirmed opt-in & Unconfirmed opt-in

Any emails or newsletters, for example on the Sole F63 treadmill, that you want to receive need to be confirmed by you.

In this way, we are able to use your email address to show the validity and confirmation about the address you provided. Replying to his is vital if you want to be able to receive any treadmill newsletters or emails that we provide and operate. You can easily change your address with our Manage Your Subscriptions form, or choose to unsubscribe.

This can be done for any e-mail address you have provided us with, and then you can easily subscribe again with another address.

How Do You Unsubscribe?

You can opt-out or unsubscribe for any newsletter or email lists that you currently receive.

All emails you receive should include the information you need to remove yourself from them, usually at the bottom.

Website User And Member Communication

We will retain any types of communications that you send us, or that we have with you.

We do this to process your requests to us, and to improve and innovate the service quality we offer.

Transactional Membership Relationships

Users, Customers, and Members are in a transactional relationship with our site. Because of this, we might need to occasionally email or communicate with you.

This is so that we can deliver our services to you.

Personal Data and Other Info We May Collect And Store:

We may collect things like your postal or email address, name, phone numbers and more when you choose to register with us for services or products.

Please note that we might combine this information with services that we use, or 3rd party data to make sure you have a better user experience.

Our site uses cookies. These are tiny pieces of data that we store on your computer. This helps us to provide you with a much higher quality experience, but also lets us learn the ways that you use our services so that we can constantly innovate what we offer you, thus improving everything you see.

We may log/record information in an automated fashion every time you interact with our site, or use your services and products. The information we record may be something like your URL, IP address, browser type, access times, access dates, and domain names, country of origin, operating system, page views, language type, and user sessions.

We do this only to be able to provide you with services, or to diagnose problems.

Uses Of That Data:

The personal information you give us upon request will be used for our own private analysis and research. This is only to help us innovate upon the services and products we deliver and to help us develop new products and services based on your use of our page.

We might on occasion share non-personal information with certain 3rd parties that we are affiliated with.
When we do this, please understand that it is only so that they can help us process your information. For example, a shopping cart service provider. However, we ensure that they agree with and comply with this Privacy Policy, security measures, and confidentiality

We might also share information with 3rd parties when we have to because of legal processes, to protect us from harm, or to prevent suspected fraud from happening.

This also goes for ensuring that our networking services are secure.

You may also be asked to take surveys on occasion to help us deliver and provide you with services or products.

How We Use Links:

As our site will contain links to other sites, please note that these sites will not be covered under this privacy polity.

However, we want you to know that we do attempt to check the safety and activity of these sites, but cannot promise or take responsibility for the content therein. We recommend that you review the policies of these sites, mainly the privacy ones, before using them.

Our site may at times present links to you that let us track if you followed the links, where they went, and why. This helps us improve the service quality we offer.

We do this so we can show you more relevant content, which is what you pay us for, for free.

While we do this for ourselves and for you, to improve the site, you should know that this also means that these links can be used for tracking, which means you don’t have control over who is collecting data about you, nor how they are using it. For more information on how and why you can’t control this, please visit our Transparency Policy.

Detailed Terms & Conditions For Advertising Treadmills On This Site:

We use a complicated combination of different 3rd party companies to serve ads that you will see on our site, in our treadmill newsletters about , and our emails.

We base this on personal information, but not information that we will share. This is to track how effective our ads are. This then lets us provide you with a better experience. The companies do this by serving you ads that are relevant to certain bits of information that they have gathered about you. The information that we give or that they gather will never be personal, but may include geographical location, IP addresses, and historical data that help them store cookies on your computer.

We will never provide them with any personal information, though, but please know that when you interact with any ads on our site that you are going to be agreeing and assumed to find interest in the targeting criteria of the ads.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

Google and other third parties might use cookies on our site, treadmill consumers dot com.

This type of cookie known as the DART cookie lets us serve ads to you based on visits to this site and other sites. If you do not want the DART cookie to track you, please visit Furthermore, if you want to opt out of any third party cookies, please visit

User Security Management and User Data Security:

Our site has measures in place to allow for reasonable amounts of security.

This acts as a safeguard to protect the alteration, misuse, and loss of any information that we control. This includes things like specialized training and management procedures for anybody who happens to work on a personal basis with our databases. The measure that we take protects against the illegal access and use of your personal data, which means that the security considerations of your stored date will be our main priority.

The only people who are able to access these things are agents, contractors, and employees who need to know the information to deliver, operate, and innovate our services.

Our Take On Notification of Changes:

We will occasionally feel the need to update our Privacy Policy because of changes we have made.

This is because we want you to understand the changes if they regard your personal information. If we notify users by email or newsletter, we give them the opportunity to also opt out of any changes that have taken place that they may not agree with. Be sure that if you have opted out of communications that you check back regularly as you will not be notified.

However, your information will never be used in this new manner, regardless if you opted out or not.

Because we care about your privacy, we want you to know that we are committed to keeping you and your privacy safe.
Your Choice:

If you wish, you can decline to submit any personal information to us at all. However, doing so means you will not receive notifications from us, thus keeping you from receiving our services.

Legal Disclaimers And Safety:

We do many every effort possible to keep your privacy safe.

However, some extenuating circumstances will make this impossible.

These circumstances are those that involve a good-faith belief that we need to share information to keep in line with the law, or when the legal defense is needed against crimes or claims.

Contacting this Web Site:

Any questions that you have about the privacy statement you have read, the site,, itself, or the dealings with the site can be directed to our contact page.

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