Here’s Where to Find the Proform 2000 Best Price

Ah, so you’ve made the smart decision, and are now looking for the Proform 2000 best price? You’ve decided to buy the Proform 2000 – arguably, one of the best treadmill that’s available to the public right now. Unparalleled construction, features galore, bulletproof warranty… let’s just say it doesn’t get much better than the Proform 2000.

But as a non-millionaire or non-billionaire, you’re not made of money, and the Proform 2000 isn’t exactly cheap – on the official manufacturer site (which is the best place to buy), the price is $1,299.

As far as Proform treadmills go, that’s definitely towards the upper end of the price spectrum.

proform pro 2000 best price

This page will go over the different places you can buy the Proform 2000, give you your options, and tell you why we recommend the official manufacturer above everyone else – even if you see a cheaper price from a different seller. Read on.

First: In Parts, or Pre-Assembled?

The first thing you need to decide is how valuable your time is. AKA, do you want a cheaper price where you have to assemble the unit yourself, or would you prefer to pay a premium to receive a pre-assembled treadmill in the mail?

If you want an assembled treadmill, you have the option of going to Amazon and paying over $100 (currently $129) for that privilege. The treadmill will come in a huge box – you’re paying partially for the labor to assemble the unit, and partially for the increased shipping costs due to the larger package dimensions.

If you’re okay with doing the legwork yourself, go to the official Proform website, don’t pay the premium, and get a better price overall, too.

On the fence? We’d recommend assembling the treadmill yourself. Proform intentionally makes their treadmills as dead-simple to assemble as possible. There are no nuts, bolts, or tools required.

Actually, the entire process from A to Z looks like this – it’s seven steps.

  1. Get the box in the mail
  2. Take out the parts and unwrap them
  3. Look at the short, 4-page assembly instructions
  4. Push the pieces together and they will lock into place
  5. Plug in your treadmill with the included power cord
  6. Turn the Proform 2000 on…
  7. …and you’re done.

It really is that easy. If you’re super lazy, pay a premium to have someone do the work for you. If you’re not made of money (and you’d like a bonus mini workout from assembling the unit), do it yourself and get the best price on the official manufacturer website.

proform pro 2000 best price amazon

BEWARE: Proform has strict resale pricing restrictions

If you see a price lower than $1,299 anywhere other than the web, that price is “too good to be true” – period.

Proform does not allow resellers to set the best price for the Proform 2000 at anything less than $1,299. So, if you see a price lower than that, one of the following things is happening…

  1. You’re buying from a non-accredited seller. Your warranty can disappear if Proform discovers you bought from one of these shady sellers that’s breaking the rules.
  2. You’re buying a used treadmill. Even if the website doesn’t list the product as used, that may be a misprint – you should always contact the seller and ask.
  3. You’re getting taken on shipping. Companies will reduce the price by a certain amount, then bring the price back up by doubling that “discount” in the shipping cost. Rest assured the official website has free shipping, always.

When you start dealing with high-ticket items (like elite treadmills), a lot of shady companies and sellers come out of the woodwork. Your best bet is buying from the most established seller who always has the best price, explained below.

Where to get the Proform 2000 Best Price

As we mentioned at the start of this article, the best price is always from the official Proform website.

In the $1,299 price, you’ll get faster order handling, faster shipping, faster customer support, and sometimes, extra running accessories/freebies included with your purchase.

Buy from anywhere else and you open yourself up to unnecessary risk. The product and price will be the same, but you won’t get the same level of customer service that you would if you bought from Proform. Going direct is a no-brainer.

And on top of that, Proform will give discounts on the Proform 2000 best price through the official website only – not through third-party retailers like Amazon. (Most of the people who have left reviews on Amazon say they bought the treadmill directly from Proform because of the better price. Not great news for Amazon, but very useful to a savvy consumer like yourself.)

Overall? The best price is on the official website, here. While the actual dollar amount may be the same everywhere, Proform gives you a few benefits that other companies won’t. There’s no reason to not go direct, and there might even be a sale running right now – which won’t be available at any other online retailer – not even Amazon.

Click the link below to purchase, or to see if the Proform 2000 is currently on sale.

Purchase the Proform Pro 2000.

Get the Proform Pro 2000 best price here.