Proform Company Information & Best-Selling Products

Proform is a fitness company. More specifically, they make products based around getting in your cardio workout at home. Their product lines include proform treadmills (most popular), ellipticals, exercise bikes, hybrid trainers, and even more specialized offerings like rowing machines.

Since starting in the 70s, Proform has quickly gone from “just another exercise equipment manufacturer” to one of the leading sellers in all of the categories above. Why? Mostly due to their product quality, their prices, and of course, their customer support.

icon health and fitness inc

Proform is a brand owned by ICON Health & Fitness Inc, Utah.

This page will go over Proform as a whole, including the company’s history, their best products, and why exercise nuts love Proform more than any other brand. Read on!

Proform Quick Facts

  1. As mentioned above, they have been in business for well over 30 years – that’s quite a long time, even when dealing with established fitness brands.
  2. They sell the most products. In the past two decades, Proform has sold more at-home cardio workout equipment than any other brand has. Their machines are popular, to say the very least.
  3. Patents galore. Proform has a research and development department that has come up with 100s of unique modifications (many patented) to the multiple types of exercise machines they offer. So, you’re not just getting the basics – you’re getting an optimized workout machine.
  4. Real awards from legitimate entities. Consumer Reports, one of the most trustworthy review sites in the world, polled Proform as one of the most recognized fitness brands from a selection of 20+. Basically, they’re “known” for having good products in the fitness community.
  5. Two of the most impressive partners you can have. Their products are used for the Boston Marathon and the Tour de France, two of the biggest cardio-related sporting events in the world.


About Proform Products


The public can purchase treadmills from Proform in the range of $599 to $2,999.

Beginners should lean more towards the $599 end of that range – for example, both the 505 CST and Performance 400c cost just $599 (or a little over), but have everything a beginner could want in a treadmill.

Serious runners (or those who just want a really good running experience) should lean more towards the $2,999 number – these are the best treadmills for your budget, period. Something like the Boston Marathon 4.0 is $2,999, and it’s used by professional athletes everywhere. A slightly cheaper option would be the Boston Marathon 3.0 – just $2,499, but not as many features. An even cheaper, but still high-end, alternative is the Proform Pro 9000.

Not surprisingly, the best-selling treadmill is the Proform Pro 2000 – it’s $1,2999 and the perfect mix of affordability and quality. If you’re in the market for a Proform treadmill, check out the Pro 2000, or read our review of it.

Other exercise equipment

Truth be told, when you think of Proform, your first thought should be Proform treadmills. But they do make other equipment, and while it’s not as popular, the offerings are still top-of-the-line.

  1. Ellipticals – Every gym out there will have a few ellipticals, but unless it’s a really nice gym ($100+ per month), the ellipticals won’t be from Proform. Check out their 5+ elite elliptical offerings on the official website.
  2. Exercise bikes – Since it’s easier to bike in cold weather than it is to run in cold weather, their exercise bikes aren’t as popular as their treadmills, but all in all, they’re both on the same level of quality. Check out their 7+ elliptical offerings on the official site.
  3. So much more – Along with workout equipment lines, they have merchandise, apps (iFit), and more. Learn more on the official site, as explaining all of their product offerings on this page would take far too long.

Instead, let’s move onto why you’d choose Proform over another exercise equipment brand like Weslo or LifeSpan.

So, What Makes Proform So Special?

Proform’s competitive advantage boils down to three key factors.

  1. Superior products in every price range. For example, their $599 treadmills are the best you can buy for around $600, and their $2,999 treadmills are the best you can buy from around $3,000 (where to find the Profrom 2000 best price). Take your budget and get a Proform – you won’t regret it.
  2. Equipment that doesn’t break, and when it does, you’re covered. Their products are known for never breaking – like, ever. That being said, if yours does break (maybe you’re naturally unlucky), rest assured that Proform covers all of its products with hefty warranties – usually lifetime or at least five years. Check the warranty on the particular product you’re considering, just to make sure.
  3. Exercise machines that perform really, really well. Running on their treadmills is like running on grass. Using their ellipticals is completely smooth and faultless. Basically, these are really good products, and much better than the competition – perhaps due to the 100+ patents Proform holds on their exercise machines?

When you get down to it, exercise machines are just that – exercise machines. But how you feel while using them and how you look after using them is more important than anything.

With Proform machines, exercise is easy, and you’re working out as efficiently as possible without opening yourself up to risk of injury. As far as looking good, as long as you use their products with consistency, you will reach your goals, whether that’s weight loss, muscle gain, or simply getting better at a sport you’re competitive in.

Click here to visit the official site, or check out our Proform Pro 2000 treadmill review – Proform’s #1 product by a longshot.