The Sole F63 vs. the F80 Treadmill (2022 models)

Just now updated, my revised Sole F63 vs F80 treadmill 2022 showdown. In this article I will point out the differences between Sole F63 and F80 (2022 models). And, as always, in this Sole F63 F80 comparison, you can trust me to give you the full scoop. Sole’s premier machines have been reviewed as being among the best treadmills that can be purchased today, and the prices are very competitive.

Sole Fitness claims to offer the best treadmills that are available on the market today, allowing the user to work out effectively at home, without needing the benefit of a personal trainer.

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The Sole F63 is currently priced at just under $1100 ($1,099.99 to be precise), and the F80 at just under $1700 ($1,699.99 to be precise).

So, how do the two compare? Lets get started, the Sole F63 vs F80 moments of truth.

Last Updated: 11/23/2022 (price adjustments, and delivery options)

The Sole F63 Treadmill 2022

Let’s start by considering the F63 Sole Treadmill.

This is considered to be a near-professional level treadmill, and it boasts a number of different features that are intended to help people reach their workout goals. One such feature is a message board, which works something like an instruction manual. It’s a device that actually offers you input as you exercise, and also stores information about your workout so that you can review. Whether it’s for the committed athlete or for the casual jogger, this is a great tool that should fit well into anyone’s lifestyle.

The Sole F63 is very easy to use.

Not a lot of expertise is required, and a person can pretty much just get on the belt and start moving. The features that are included with the Sole F63 are comparable with those found on far more expensive machines.

The Sole F63 measures 35” wide x 57” high x 82” long overall, with a 33” wide x 80” long deck, and a 20” wide x 60” long running surface. It weighs 325 pounds, and allows for a user weighing up to 325 pounds. It has a 3.0 CHP motor, 0-15% rack and pinion incline, 2-ply belt, 6 standard and 2 custom programs, and 2 heart programs.

The Sole F63 comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, 3 years on the electronics, and a year on labor.

Given the features and the superior warranty, the Sole F63 would seem to be a great deal at just under $1000.

Additional features of the Sole F63 are:

  • Speed settings beginning at 0.5 mph and going up to 12 mph allow for different intensity workouts on one machine;
  • User-friendly display that shows the length of time the person has been working out, the speed, the distance traveled, and the number of calories burned;
  • Attached cooling fan allows the user to breathe easily and maintain a comfortable body temperature while working out;
  • 6 preset programs, including fat burning and cardio training routines;
  • All-steel, welded, powder-coated frames, and stable, heavy duty inclines;
  • Built-in speakers allow the user to listen to music from iPod or MP3 player while working out.

The Sole F80 Treadmill 2022

The Sole F80 treadmill is an upgrade to the Sole F63.

Many of the features are similar, but there are also some extras, and the Sole F80 compares very well with other treadmills in its price range.

The Sole F80 treadmill is a gym-quality piece of exercise equipment that is also very suitable to home use. Again, one of the benefits is that it enables the user to get a superior workout, achieving the same results as they would under the direction of a personal trainer.

Like the Sole F63, the F80 has an interactive message board. It offers actual vocal instruction during the workout, and also records the details of the workout so that the user can review them later.

The Sole F80 treadmill measures 37” wide x 57” high x 82” long, with a 35” wide x 80” long deck and a 22” wide x 60” long running surface. It weighs 375 pounds, and can accommodate a user weighing up to 375 pounds. It has a 3.5 CHP motor and 0-15% rack and pinion gear incline, a 2-ply belt, and has 6 standard and 2 custom programs, along with 2 heart programs.

The Sole F80 comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, motor and deck, 5 years on the electronics, and 2 years on labor.

Clearly, anything that might be considered to be lacking in the Sole F63 is present in the F80. It’s easy to see why this treadmill has become an extremely strong contender in the home fitness market. Originally retailing at just under $2500, the Sole F80 is now available for just under $1700.

Like the F63, it’s good, solid value for the money.

Additional features of the Sole F80 include:

  • Speeds settings from the easy 0.5 mph to the taxing 12 mph;
  • A user friendly control panel that makes it easy and safe to make changes to the settings while walking or running;
  • Top-quality rollers;
  • A cushioned belt that eases the impact on the user’s feet when walking or running;
  • A heavy-duty, continuously working motor;
  • 9.0” LCD workout display that continually measures pulse, heart rate, distance covered, speed, time used, and number of calories burned;
  • All-steel, heavy duty, powder coated, welded frames with stable inclines;
  • Built-in speakers that can be connected to an iPod, iPad, or Smartphone, so that the user can stay entertained while working out;
  • User-friendly controls located on the hand rest;
  • Built-in cooling fans so that the user can remain comfortable while working out.

Sole F63 vs F80 – Conclusion And Final Thoughts 2022/2023

The benefits of being able to work out on a treadmill at home are numerous – no gym or health club fees to pay, no need for a personal trainer, the ability to walk or run regardless of what it’s like outside, and the ability to do so at any time the user chooses. If you have thought about trying the treadmill workout at home, but never made the step to do so, perhaps now is the time to consider a treadmill as an alternative to going to the gym. If you do decide to get a treadmill, make sure to invest in one of the best treadmills that is also high in quality.

A solid treadmill that offers these benefits and is available at a sensible price is probably one of the best investments in home exercise equipment a person can make.

Clearly, either the Sole F63 or the F80 will offer these benefits to the home user (solid build quality, feature rich, superior warranty, sensible price).

They’re loaded with features, and enable the user to get a top-notch workout without needing a personal trainer.

Priced competitively with other running machines designed for the home market, the Sole Fitness F63 near-gym quality treadmill or the F80 professional model are both great deals. The F80 offers a few more features than the F63, and supports users of greater weight, but either treadmill offers reliability, top-notch construction, and one of the best warranties in the business.

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Having compared and contrasted the F63 and the F80 home treadmills from Sole Fitness, it’s now up to you to determine which is best for your individual needs. You can find my full Sole F63 review here. Finally, don’t miss out on the all week 2022 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale.